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With the theme “ReSet”, this year’s exhibition revolved around the concepts of re-setting, re-starting, re-thinking, and re-aligning the fashion and textile industry towards a more sustainable future. A series of internal workshops were organised to flourish students in sustainable fashion, jewellery, and graphic design. Students’ creations were displayed and sold at the exhibition. Exceptional fashion works of HKDI students will also be showcased to promote sustainable development within the fashion industry.

Staff, students, and visitors had opportunities to enjoy a seamless shopping experience by using the Self-Service Purchase Retail System.


Theme: Re-Start, Re-set, Re-Think, Re-Align

  • Selling students' sustainable design works, including fashion and jewellery products

  • Showcase exceptional HKDI alumni and students' products, including physical products, 3D fashion pieces, and videos

  • DIY kiosk offering personalized ordering experience for iPhone cases, water bottles, and T-shirts which the graphics are designed by DCD students

  • Smart Retail Seamless shopping experience


Upcycle Denim Collection 

Alumni Jason Lee collaborated with CDSS, and created an upcycling and remade fashion workshops. The workshop aims to build skills in resourceful reconstruction and apply sustainable fashion ideas to their works.

The students separated into two groups and challenged to create four complete outfits each based on the theme” Denim Monster”

In-person guidance and feedback provided throughout the design process to encourage creative brainstorming. Students had the hands-on opportunity to repurpose denim materials into innovative fashions, learning key techniques for reimagining discarded textiles into unique, eco-conscious garments.

Upcycle glass Jewelleries

Collaborating with the shop “a little something" , students who are studying in Higher Diploma in Jewellery and Technology, created a DIY jewelleries by using upcycled glass bottles. It aims to promote sustainability in the jewellery industry by using eco-friendly materials

Natural Print Dye

The Natural Print Workshop, in collaboration with GENAU Studio and Higher Diploma in Fashion Design, Fashion Branding and Buying, and Communication Design students, will focus on creating fashion accessories such as cushions and tote bags using the natural print method. During the workshop, students will be responsible for creating the graphics and making silk screens, then using natural dyestuff to print their graphics onto the products.  

Bundle Dye

Dyelious promotes local indigo dyeing in Hong Kong, restores Hong Kong Hakka indigo, and provides a new generation of natural dyeing solutions As part of this collaboration, students pursuing Higher Diplomas in Fashion Design, Fashion Image Design, and Communication Design will showcase their creativity by creating a captivating collection of silk scarves and wool hats. They will employ the bundle dye technique, a unique and artistic method that involves bundling natural materials with plant-based dyes to create one-of-a-kind patterns and colors. By combining the students' design skills with Dyelious House's expertise in natural dyeing, we aim to present a collection that embodies the beauty of traditional dyeing techniques while infusing it with a contemporary and fashionable twist.