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Design Commercialization

CDSS x HKDI Custom Tee Collection

with NFC Tech Solution

CDSS collaborative project will be integrated to relevant curriculum. Students could work in teams to develop high quality, practical design solutions cater for specific industry needs and requirements.

Eleven students and alumni from the HD in Fashion Branding and Buying of the Department of Fashion and Image Design and the HD in Visual Communication of the Department of Communication Design have been invited to participate in the CDSS x HKDI Custom Tee design project. They were missioned to design original graphics for a T-shirt collection and develop marketing strategies for the collection. The exhibition of the "CDSS x HKDI Custom Tee” Collection, which showcases with NFC (Near-field communication) Tech &  AR experiential tour, is now available in CDSS. This custom-made T-shirt collection can be ordered from the e-commerce platform at

*NFC (Near-field communication) Tech is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows the device to perform non-contact point-to-point data transmission, and also allows the device to read near field communication (NFC) tags containing product information. This function could be applied on payment and ticket buy but you need to download the required application first.

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