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<Step-In-Style> Design For Community Competition

CDSS Design for Future <Step-In-Style> Design For Community Competition aims to get HKDI & IVE(KT) students’ involvement in a local community project to foster the Hong Kong’s design culture, as well as to gain the public recognition of our design talents. Eleven local shops with different natures in Sham Shui Po district are invited to join this competition, each of them will be paired up with a group of students to develop a signature icon (logo) and branding prototype.  

An award ceremony and exhibition will conduct in June 2021 

Mobile exhibitions will be held from June to August 2021. 

Over 200 Student/Alumni from different disciplinary in HKDI will be involved.

“Step In Style: Design for Community Competition” Groups and individual winning designs please read:


Gold Award(Group)

Winner: Leung Wing Yan, Lam Tsz, Shuen, Lo Tim Pang, Tsui Wun Nam, Wong Kei Yau, Wong Him, Mo Mang Sin  (HKDI)

Product:COOLMAX Cotton Face Mask

 Collaborated Shop:Kinstar Textile

Gold Award(Individual)

Winner: Anabelle Ho (IVE/KT)

Product: Fabric Bag

Collaborated Shop: MudHeyTong

Café Sausalito


A minimalistic boutique café, founded in Sham Shui Po for years.

With the family garments business, Michael, the shop owner, has been part of the Sham Shui Po community from a very young age. Sham Shui Po has always given him a sense of belonging and affinity where the vibe and the serenity of this district reminds him of his time working in Sicily. 


The Logo of Café Sausalito is a “S” to depict a simple and sleek feeling. Also, it acts as a symbol of “from S to S”, making Sham Shui Po as a starting point, spreading “Hong Kong Style café” back to Sausalito.




With piles of Vinyl, European vintage second-hand furniture and gramophones, stepping inside the store feels like traveling back in time to one’s childhood.

Mr Cheung, the owner, started the business initially selling HIFI and audio equipment. Later, the aesthetics and the durability of European furniture, as well as his discovery of the vast furniture-selling market in Sham Shui Po attracted Mr Cheung to switch his business direction, and thus, continuing his retail journey here in Sham Shui Po.

圖片 1.jpg

Kinstar Textile


It’s easy to lose oneself in the sea of fabrics and textiles in Sham Shui Po, where there are a wide variety of textile business that fosters a highly competitive environment.

Kinstar is famous for its functional fabrics. The owner’s philosophy of “To experience” is what matters the most. Firstly, it important to let customers experience and touch the fabric in person. Secondly, is to allow customers to participate in the “after sales experience”, where the owner shares with them ways to use or apply the fabrics.




“Hello, to me is one of the most universal word. It is easy to remember no matter what ages you are and that’s why I named my shop after it.” said Kiki, the Shop Owner.

Despite having moved from an upstairs studio in the industrial building to the current shop on street level, Kiki has kept up with the “Hello” spirit through promoting her Dried Flower Workshop to passer-bys from all walks-of-life. This “Dried Flower Accessories Workshop” organised by Hello also conducts thematic activities, such as  “Dried Flower High Tea stand” and “Dried Flower CNY Candy Box”, that have been very popular and well received by their students.


The Gentry Barbershop


Much attention has been aroused in the local community by this stylish neighbourhood barber shop.  With his strong love of British style, Vic the shop owner fashioned the whole shop and its furniture in the key colour of traditional dark wood.

Apart from having achieved a start-up dream, Vic would also like to provide training opportunities to aspired young adults for joining the hairdressing industry.

"Slicked Hair isn’t the only choice here in The Gentry Barbershop, we encourage our customers to try different hairstyles as they wish.” said Vic who fashions himself with a medium-length haircut.



East Wool


Established in Sham Shui Po, East Wool has witnessed the highs and lows of this fashion & garment district.

Store keepers Kim & Sunny are very much open to collaboration as they believe “Good things come to those who have the courage to change.”

Though having been recently affected by the pandemic, the success of Sham Shui Po’s  transformation into a hip neighbourhood in the past few years have not dampen their sprit, but rather, encouraged them to continue to seek collaboration opportunities with various designers in organising  innovative fabric-related workshops such as “Cyanotype Printing" and “Wool Towel Making”. These workshops are very popular with youngsters and have allowed East Wool to successfully opened up a new market opportunity,


Morn Creations


To advocate the concept of extinct species conservation, Morn Creations uses endangered animals as the concept for their designer backpack and bags. Within their collection, the “Shark Backpack” is the most popular product amongst the local young consumers as well as other travellers. Each product is packed with a label like “Stop eating shark fins” to educate consumers about animal protection and preservation.

Moreover, every product is made from recycled leather which is very durable and eco-friendly.

Apart from environmental protection, Steve at Morn Creation is also passionate about the styles from the 50s and 60s, hence there are also a lot of vintage products and accessories sitting there and waiting for their new owners.

More stories? Stay with us!


Mudheytong Gallery


Founded by three ceramic artists in a studio that used to be hidden in an industrial building, the trio then moved out to Tai Nam Street, hoping to further promote ceramic arts to the public.

Mudheytong Gallery organises workshops at different levels for people from all walks of live. These workshops have successfully helps many students craft beautiful ceramics, as well as accomplishing their creative aspirations. The trio are very pleased from receiving  so many compliments from their students. 

Tai Nam Street is a very friendly neighbourhood where stores are willing to help each other and they will even exchange gifts on Christmas Day!

Think this might be what we call “neighbourhood hospitality”?


Sap San 89 十常八九

Sap San 89 is a Japanese-style cafe designed in a simple yet dazzling white wooden style.

Opened by May and two of her designer friends, from the coffee table to the hand-drawn menu by a Japanese illustrator, everything here is truly well-designed by them.

The cafe has generated quite a buzz on Instagram with customers drinking coffee on tatami seatings and enjoying their tempting food and desserts.

With such a small glimmer of hope of travelling abroad soon, May would like to invite all of us to go to Sap San 80 for a little trip.


Alri Star Leather 



Alvin of Alri Star is one of the pioneers who has settled in Sham Shui Po. From a serene 

neighbourhood to the hippest area in Hong Kong, Alvin has witnessed the transformation of 

this district. 

“It’s a virtuous cycle. The influx of cafes has brought people and business to this 

neighbourhood which has been very beneficial to this area.” 


Apart from handmade leather products like wallets, backpacks, briefcases, key pouches and 

shoes, Alris Star also has a “DIY Leather Package '' for customers to work on their own 

handmade leather products. 

Before the pandemic, many workshops were organised and they were very popular with 

customers.  Most of the customers would create hand-make leather wallets for their special 

other half. 

Alvin has no worries on the recent emergence of other new handicraft shops. Instead he 

thinks that this is a good sign showing that more people are attracted to this neighbourhood 

and hence bring more business opportunity to the community. 


Attock Hair Cut 


Not only is Sham Shui Po a cool hip area, it is also a multi-cultural district. 

With a barber as his father in Pakistan, Sam became interested in haircutting when he was 

young and eventually becoming a barber himself. 

At the beginning, most of his customers were his fellow Pakistanis but now, his clientele has 

expanded where almost half of the customers are now Hong Kongers. 

Though Sam is English-speaking with some knowledge of Cantonese, the official language 

used inside his shop is “body language”! Customers only need to point to their desired hair- 

style on his wall of photos and Sam would take care of the rest.  


Besides haircutting, Attock Hair Cut l also provides services like moustache grooming, facial 

care, facial hair waxing, head massage as well as hair treatment for both male and female 


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