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Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) the Second Step in Style: Design for Community Competition

To strengthen the connection between students and the community, the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) has organized the second “Step In Style: Design for Community Competition”. 200 students from HKDI and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) Kwun Tong have collaborated with five collab-shops in Central and Sheung Wan to design a wide range of creative products, including AR (augmented reality) products, fashion pieces, merchandise, gift boxes and more. The Competition aims to provide students with hands-on working experience and thereby accomplish the goal of project-based learning. CDSS, the organizer of this Competition, is a knowledge center of HKDI that stays abreast of design and retail industry development where it aims to provide a platform for nurturing new businesses to develop and build HKDI student’s retail portfolios so as to fit individual brand priorities and capabilities to explore suitable marketing solutions. 

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The Closing Ceremony and prototype Exhibition were held on 19th July, at which awards will be presented, and all the 10 artworks co-created by the winning teams and collab-shops displayed. The winners also attended the Ceremony to share their design concepts and partnership with the shop owners.

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Interview with Students and shop owners video:

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Introduction of the Competition:

“Step In Style: Design for Community Competition” aims to incubate the creativity and design skills of the students. It received support from various local stores in Central and Sheung Wan, ranging from the coffee shop, craft beer shops, and fashion boutiques to health food stores. Each participating team was paired up with a collab-shop and meeting sessions were arranged for students to understand the aspirations and needs of the shop owner. After three months of collaboration, each team has submitted a prototype to compete for awards in the Team and Individual streams.

5 local stores as partners to co-create designs with students of HKDI and IVE KT. Big clap for our collab-stores:


1. @stain+ (Café)

stain+ decorates with colourful murals and industrial interior design to create contrast. Aside from

providing specialty coffee, the shop founder Ava is enthusiastic in promoting art, cultural and

environmental protection through various exhibitions and workshops. She aspires to connect more

people and happenings in stain+.

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2. @X'taste Republic (Healthy gourmet)

With an ambition to advocate healthy eating, X'taste Republic provides a wide selection of healthy

food that is gluten free, vegetarian, additive-free, non-genetically modified and more.

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3. @X'taste Republic Style (Fashion and accessories)

Established by local fashion designer Allan Chiu, the shop features two fashion brands - CHAPITRE À & CONNESSE – that combines oriental elements with modern luxury. Allan, who founded two distinctive X'taste stores, encourages students to think outside the box.

Stay tuned for the introduction of the other two collab stores!

4. @COLE COOL (Fashion and accessories)

Founded by local fashion designer Cole Chung and his sister Olivia Chung, the brand puts its focus on

returning to nature and believes that life is an art. Cole encourages students to keep their faith and

enjoy their lives amid the epidemic. He also suggests students to create their designs on the

foundation of natural and green elements.

Tutorial on wearing scarf

as head decoration


5. @HK Brewcraft (Craft Beer)

HK Brewcraft is the first local homebrew store in Hong Kong. Founder Chris is confident in producing

world-class craft beer in Hong Kong. He reminds students to create the “right” design by complying

with certain laws and rules, for instance a glass would be used when one drinks beer.

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