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Fashion Goes Viral 2020

A Graduation Project of HD in Fashion Media Design students. The project is a collaborative project with NIKE. Students were asked to develop a series of fashion images, a short fashion film, promotion leaflet and a social media strategy plan to promote the brand and engage audiences.


"Shape of You"


According to the research, Mental illness only has been increasing nowadays, for example, include depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders and addictive behaviours. These disorders are affecting our daily life, especially for 2020, let say this is becoming a bigger issue in society than ever!

In this fashion campaign “Shape of you”, including fashion targeted on teenagers (The study found that young people's mental incompleteness, coupled with hormonal changes, may lead them with extreme behaviour when dealing with mental problems).

Best Fashion Film Award
Group of Students: Shum Nga Lee / Lee Tsz Kwan / Mok Ka Ho / Hau Yuk Lun / Lai Wing S


In the process of creation, there are many unknowns,we only get many imagines but not dare to act. There are many things that seem impossible, but as long as you dare to try, we can turn the fantasy to the reality.

Our idea is to mix vintage elements with modern Nike fashion to create a new trendy style and present it to the public in an experimental form. Whether we succeed or not, we are still trying our best and complete the experiment.

Best Fashion Film Award
Group of Students: Tam Siu Kit / Leung Tsz Ho / Tse Wing Yan / Wong Tsan Fung / Lau Tsz Yin

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