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CDSS Collection

To explore design incubation and to create synergy through collaborative projects with different units with the aim to assist students and alumni in practising innovative design concepts and formulating solutions. CDSS invited the alumni of Diploma of Foundation Studies (Design) of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong) to collaborate in the design theme "Cultural Elements of Hong Kong" which also resulted in the creation of a collection of products to be put onto the market.

The Reinvention of Authentic Culture is one of the design projects from the Diploma of Foundation Studies (Design). Students employed the theme of “Cultural Elements of Hong Kong” through the use of mind mapping for data collection and research. Student TOBITA Syouei introduced the Food Stalls Card Game and TANG Cheuk Han introduced the Hong City College “Hong Kong English” Exercise Book as the theme where he adapted creative thinking, visual communication skills and various design software tools learned in the course to develop and create a unique design for the Creative Studio Project. It also serves as his preparation for further studies in the future.

A series of CDSS collection are available in CDSS and other collaborative e-platform for sale.


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